• We take this opportunity to introduce our company, PC Marine Services, its activities and range of service and products offered to all sectors of industry and Commerce throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • PC Marine Services is a wholly owned 100% Saudi Company established in 2002 under the Laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 


  • The Management and Supervisory Staff of the Company Consist of a multinational team, with extensive professional training and many years of experience in their respective trades. Our multinational labor force of over 150, of which the majority have been with our company for 9 years and more, has allowed us Gain a regional reputation within the industry.


  • Our business line consists of various activities related to marine works. Our projects range from ship salvaging to dredging to port building and marine structure rehabilitation. To support these projects we have developed and trained a department specialized in running the operation of our fleet. Besides supplying our projects with the marine equipment needed, the department is in charge of our marine fleet rental operation, which consists of world-class equipment. To run the equipment properly we have hired and trained captains and marine riggers with vast experience in the field to ensure that our works are executed in the most efficient way. On another note all, the bathymetric survey is done in-house with our own equipment to reassure provided information or to survey the seabed when there is a lack of data. 


  • In summary, within a span of a decade and a half PC Marine has evolved into a leading marine contracting company. Our reputation with our clients speaks for itself, let alone the satisfaction of our stakeholders, especially the public. 


  • PC Marine has decided as part of the company’s vision to endeavor more and more into projects related to environmental protection and biodiversity enrichment in this field. Artificial reefs, mangrove plantations And oil spill removals have become our specialty along with the traditional projects that we execute professionally.

  • We are able to meet the requirement of the industrial standards including BS, ASTM, SIS, SASO, SSPC, NACE, DIN, and our customer list includes King Fahd, Industrial Port, Yanbu, Jeddah Commercial Port, Ministry of Agriculture,  Coast Guard & Municipalities.



Year Established


Completed Projects



Future Projects



Marine Design
  • Port Design

  • Waterfront Design

  • Bathymetric Survey

Marine Fleet
  • Dredgers

  • Barges

  • Tug Boats

  • Floating Cranes

  • Piling Machines

Marine Construction
  • Port Construction

  • Port Maintenance

  • Piling

  • Dredging

  • Environmental Projects






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Wessam Elbendak

Contracts & Procurement Manager





Head Office

Alghaithy Plaza,Fifth Flor,Madina Road,Behind Ministry of Transport

P.O.BOX 10611 Jeddah 21443-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Tel: 012-6510721

Fax: 012-6502244


To apply for a job with PCmarine Company,please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:  recruitment@pc-marine.net


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