Electrician (Tugboat & Barge)
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Job description
  1. Responsible for inspecting electrical components such as wiring, fuses, transformers, breakers, switches, circuit breakers, and panels for defects
  2. Troubleshooting electrical problems by testing equipment to find the source of the problem
  3. Installing new electrical equipment and wiring, including fiber optic cables for telecommunications systems
  4. Maintaining electrical equipment such as transformers, generators, motors, lighting systems, circuit breakers, switchgear, and relays
  5. Installing or repairing electrical wiring or equipment such as light fixtures, thermostats, outlets, switches, motors, and generators
  6. Installing or repairing electrical power lines such as those used in transmission or distribution of electricity
  7. Performing routine tests to ensure that electrical equipment such as lights, motors, or switches are working properly
  8. Performing basic electrical repairs such as replacing fuses, fixing broken wires, or replacing light bulbs
  9. Inspecting equipment for signs of wear or damage, and reporting problems to the appropriate parties for repair or replacement.
  10. Performing preventative maintenance checks on vessels to ensure they are safe to sail.
  11. Performing other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

– Sea Service only

-Nationality ( Philippine / India )

-Minimum years of experience ( 5:10 )